About Us


Our farm is a family business, which has been on the market since 1989. We specialize in the production of fresh mushrooms and our main market is the countries of Western Europe. In our offer you can find different types of mushrooms: white or brown champignon, brown portobello, oyster mushrooms, shiitake and seasonal forest mushrooms which can be collected mainly during the autumn season in Poland. We are a fast-growing company: at the moment we have 36 000 m2 of cultivation area with full computer control, which allows us to keep providing with out goods all year round. Among our main advantages we can indicate our own fleet of vehicles, cold storage and warehouses. Thanks to all that, we are able to produce approximately 900 tons of a high quality mushrooms each month whole year.

Our mushroom farm is a modern company run with passion. The highest quality of production is confirmed by numerous awards, including: The Mushroom Industry Award “Pieczary 2004” in the category of Development and Innovation, the Award of the Staroste of Siedlce “Economic Activity 2013”, Badge of Honor of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, “Meritorious for Agriculture” 2015 ″ and GLOBAL G.A.P. Certificates.